Sunday, 16 June 2019


Agro-industry, with change in management and attitude in production on the path to sustainable development



As the news came, the development project of the two companies under the Department of Agriculture Economic Organization Kowsar on 15th. May with the participation of Minister of Agriculture and his delegation, as well as Vice President and President of the Foundation Shahid and Mr.Eskandari Director of Economic Kowsar And a group of executives and experts has officially opened with the presence of journalists and representatives of various media. One of these development programs, projects and 225 hectares of pistachio orchards all machines equipped with a drip irrigation system of "agro-industrial illumination”.


Currently, the company mainly engaged in agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry units Fakhrabad, Taqiabad and Sa'dabadactivities over the past two years after the "doctor signs" of researchers at the Country Manager of this industry's With changes in the structure of production units, including livestock breeding, it has entered a new stage in the development of its activities, especially in the animal husbandry sector.


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