Sunday, 16 June 2019






Ministry of Agriculture announced;
540 billion USD Estimated earthquake damage to Kermanshah agriculture

Vice Minister of Economic Planning, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, said that we need more time to determine the exact amount of damages to different sectors of agriculture, and the exact amount will be determined in the coming days, but initial estimates indicate losses of more than 540 billion tomans Agricultural sector.

In a recent interview, Kiamarz Ghasemi Zaniani said: "Following a recent earthquake in Kermanshah province, which destroyed about 1900 villages and damaged, the crisis headquarters has been formed and has been helping and managing the crisis.
He added: "In the coming days, the exact amount of damage will be reported to various agricultural sectors of Kermanshah province, but initial estimates indicate that more than 540 billion USD have been damaged to various agricultural sub-sectors.
Ghasemi continued: Kermanshah province is one of the most promising provinces in the field of agricultural products, which has kept recordings in crops such as wheat and livestock, and is one of the most prevalent provinces in this field.
Deputy Minister of Economic Planning, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, said: "The most damage has also been to the agricultural and livestock sector of the earthquake, which includes facilities, livestock buildings, etc., which should be eradicated as soon as possible."
Ghasemi Zaniani said farmers and farmers in the agricultural sector who are insured pay their damages to the Agricultural Insurance Fund, but compensation for those farmers not covered by insurance is being made by the headquarters of the crisis in the province.


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