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Fifteen European Banks to Transfer Money to Iranian Merchants



The exclusive conversation of Mansour Ansari, director and editorial secretary of the magazine "Agricultural Industries Industry" and "Advance to Agricultural Economics", by Phil Hogan, the EU's High Commissioner for Agriculture, headed by 70 members of the agricultural and food industry and merchants And businessmen

.from different European countries live in Tehran


In this exclusive interview at Spinase Hotel and Phil Hogan's Special Pavilion today, the issue of reducing tariffs on exports of Iranian agricultural products to the European Union, the transfer of money and the opening of Swift banks in Europe, the signing of contracts and commercial agreements with the public sector and private sector of Iran , The results and achievements of this trip, We also continue to cooperate in the field of agricultural economics under the conditions of official and unofficial American pressure, joint EU investment with private sector activists of our country, re-export and joint production licensed by European countries, including chicken meat, and the use of export capacities of European countries to penetrate. The markets of the countries of the region were discussed and discussed the full text of this conversation will be released shortly in the "Green News Agency of Iran" at or and two of the aforementioned magazines.


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