Sunday, 16 June 2019


Nashravara Eghtesad Sabz Institute

Green Economy Publisher Institution was established in 2006, and began its cultural, studying, research and publicationary activities in the same year. This institution belongs to private sector and its activities are:

1-   Cultural and researching studies in production and economy in agricultural sectors like animal husbandry and poultry for governmental and private sectors.

2-   Organization and dispatching activate farmers, animal cooperative managers and agricultural trading activities to visit international exhibition in European countries and Canada to transfer the related technologies and innovations, and finally. To create relations for commercial actions and export agricultural products to other countries.

3-   Organization and performing an exhibition “Agriculture Infrastructure Technology” to introduce new irrigation systems, tissue culture and dry resistant seed, etc. Exhibitors attend from 97 provinces in this national evidence every year.

4 -    Regular distribution of Damparvaran Magazine in all over the country. Till now, Damparvaran magazine has published in 184 issues but the next issue (185) name is changed to “Agri Industries Infrastructures, Food, poultry, animal husbandry”, according to the ministry of Islamic cultural and guidance legal ground.

Damparvaran magazine has published analyzed essays in agriculture policy and planning, introduce production innovations and have been considered by decision makers and governmental responsibles.

The magazine is independent and critic that analyses all of the agricultural problems that are accepted by experts, specialists and farmers.

All intellectual property rights are reserved.